Workshops and Speeches

We are happy to deliver workshops nationally on any aspect of bibliotherapy or as taster sessions to help people understand what bibliotherapy is and how it works. Or as a session to reinvigorate and relax delegates.

We are also happy to speak at conferences to promote the use of bibliotherapy and create a greater understanding of it’s value as an alternative intervention to support mental health and build resilience.

Bibliotherapy is becoming more widely known as an effective intervention for people living with mental health issues. However, it can be difficult to understand exactly what it is and how it works.

We are happy to provide workshops for organisations or as part of conferences for delegates to experience a short session and to ask questions so that they can better understand how it works.

Some feedback from workshop sessions:

In a room full of people from different countries, different professions and different personalities I thought you had your work cut out! I was amazed when the whole room was laughing and singing advertising jingles by the end. We all united together. AND we learnt a lot too. Amazing!

We were flagging by the afternoon of the conference but the bibliotherapy workshop sparked us up again. It was enjoyable as well as informative – I think we were needing some bibliotherapy to liven us up again.

Julie has spoken at many conferences to raise awareness of bibliotherapy and to foster a greater understanding of how it can be used to support the wellbeing of people living with mental health issues.

Feedback from a conference presentation:

I really enjoyed Julie’s speech; she was so informal and made it easy to understand how bibliotherapy could be used in different settings and organisations. The examples she gave of how individuals had benefitted were really moving. I’m going to follow this up. 

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