Texting Service

This is a unique and innovative service that can reach multiple people at any one time. Once a week, never on the same day or at the same time, a less well known but inspirational or amusing text will be sent to those signed up for the service through an organisation. There is no need for recipients to respond and, as the organisation have commissioned the service it will be free for each recipient.

This is an excellent way for corporate organisations to support the mental health of their staff and possibly also support the wellbeing of their local community as we can arrange packages that work by sending a text to a person in the community for every text a staff member receives.

In these stressful and uncertain times this is an incredibly effective way of making people feel valued, noticed and supported.


Some texting feedback:

“Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the biblio texts, they really helped me get through my battle with annorexia, from which I’m fully recovered now. The quotes that particularly helped were the one about life being like a washing machine & coming out brighter & the quote from a rand about not letting the spark go out that one really helped me through tough times & now I can also see that it’s true. Thanks for this wonderful service”.

“Some of the texts helped me to feel more positive or to put things in perspective, which is helpful in a busy work environment.  Sometimes they just made me smile, which is always welcome… I have gone back to some of them and enjoyed reading them again”.

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