Training and Mentoring

Training is usually delivered over a whole day, but we can also deliver it over two half days or in 2 hour sessions. By the end of our training people will:

  • have gained an understanding into bibliotherapy and it’s benefits.
  • feel confident in delivering bibliotherapy sessions in their own settings.
  • gained an understanding of group dynamics and handling difficult situations.
  • learnt where to find resources and how to use them.

We have delivered training nationwide to NHS, libraries, organisations providing social care, charities and community groups, either in person or via zoom; some reviews of our training –  

“I was unsure about how to implement a bibliotherapy session. The course has given me the confidence to start a bibliotherapy session and given me practical tips on how to manage a group of individuals with varied needs”. – Calderdale NHS Insights team staff member.

“I found that the training was delivered in a very easy to understand manner, the speaker was able to speak concisely, made sure that everyone in the training was able to speak and was patient whenever any questions were asked or when there were any difficulties. I also found that the examples, explanations and discussions around what the bibliotherapy was about and how it actually did help people was extremely well delivered, especially as some of the members of staff I’d talked to who hadn’t done the training as such were unable to explain it anywhere near as well. The discussions on how to help run the sessions without effectively having to lead it, as well as how to perform any necessary mediations that may be required, I feel will be key to ensuring the success of our groups”. – Falkirk Libraries staff member

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