Card packs


These packs of 52 cards with a short poem on each one are useful to use as an ice breaker, as a resource for groups, to liven up meetings or to use on an individual purpose or as a gift for friends and family.

These are brilliant for breaking the ice in new groups; we will fan the set out in our hand and ask each member to pick a card. If anyone doesn’t feel comfortable reading aloud we ask them to pick a card and then give it to us to read out on their behalf. We give them time to read it to themselves and then ask each person to read theirs out, asking whether they like it or not (it’s okay not to like it), what they think it’s meaning is and then ask if anyone else wants to comment. It’s usually not long before everyone is talking…. Sometimes we start each group by turning the top card over to see what it says.

They can also be used for individuals on an everyday or a once in a while basis to give comfort or cheer.  One person we know turns to them when she feels she needs a bit of guidance and swears that the card she picks always has a special meaning for her at that time. Serendipity….

They make a really nice gift.

“I love these! I have them by my bedside and every day I turn the top one over. If I like it I’ll look at it a few times and again before I go to bed. Then I look forward to wondering what the next day’s card will be”. – Lynn

“These are fantastic to keep in my bag when I’m doing a group. I always use them in new groups as they get people talking; but they’re good for any session as a back- up for if things are flagging a bit”. – Judith

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